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Aura Reader

Aura Reader :

The aura is your energy identity. A swirling mass of colors, it represents you on the mental, physical and emotional level. Your thoughts and feelings give color to your aura, making it possible for a psychic to know what you are experiencing. Although it is widely accepted that there are 7 levels of the aura, some psychics are able to perceive subtler levels. Healthy auras are markedly brighter and bigger, radiating a positivity and warmth that is tangible to everyone.

The human is a product of the cosmic creatures that suffers the process of development in the material world. Human body contains atoms, molecules and due to this it creates various types of field around the body. Like electric field, magnetic field, electromagnetic field, etc. This field is called Bio field of Human body, and this bio-field also known as AURA. It is an reflection of human thoughts and emotion visualized in form of various color of chakra in and around the human body.

When there is an emotional, mental or physical problem there is an imbalance in our body. We need to rearrange the atoms and electrons that are out of order in the cells of our body. By working with the life force we can bring about whatever changes we wish and in turn produce balanced chakra / aura energy and healthy organs. The colors in the color spectrum explain the different qualities and attributes of a person. Each color has its own language and relicts our different states of consciousness through our various color intelligence levels. It can be easy to learn and understand your body through the colors they use and this insight can instantly cause a reaction on multiple levels of their being including the release of blockages or allowing previously restricted energy to flow more freely.

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